Tuesday, 24 November 2009 02:26

logo_ATCToday is the last day of the truce established between the two armies in conflict for the control of Chernarus. The Redfor Coalition appears strongest than it was and the Blue Alliance is very determined in pushing back those who they call “invaders”. Tonight the Blue Coalition will have a party to celebrate the last day of quiet. As soon as the truce is expired, the Redfor will attack …


Tuesday, 17 November 2009 01:05

logo_ATCWelcome to ATC War Simulator. ATC (WS) is not a series of battles for points. ATC stresses the use of real military protocols and procedures. ATC is the ultimate international combat simulation as we provide the appropriate environment to clans and individuals to use large scale forces in the battlefiel. If you are interested in joining the battle, please sign up now and ensure your place in the war!! Enlisting now is permanent, of course the participation in the current conflict is subjected to availability of places. But beware: it’s not a game..


To enlist in ATC please follow this procedure


  • Register from site (not from forum, registering from forum is disabled)
  • A brief presentation of your team in presentation area would be nice
  • Enlist your team in the appropriate forum section, accessible also from the homepage, using the following template:

Clan/Team name
Clan Tag
CLan Leader or Representative
Clan Logo
Clan representative contact
Number of players available for each battle

Participating to the campaign implies you have read the rules and will abide with them.


Thursday, 05 November 2009 01:02

logo_ATCThe Russians attack Sobor!! Large amount of troops are reported moving from the Kraznostav base heading to the Bluefor controlled area of Sobor

Heavy combats are expected in the towns of Stary Sobor, capital of the district, Novy Sobor and Kabanino. The war is brought in the heart of Chernarus.