Tuesday, 22 September 2009 03:36


logo_ATCWe welcome our first US-based Clan, the 7th Cavalry Regiment! And the BW Clan! We are very proud of this community! As ATC V2 becomes intercontinental, it is time for soldiers to clean their weapons and grab their gear!!

The first general test is scheduled for Thursday Sept. 24th at 21.30 CEST (20.30 BST; 19.30 UTC/GMT/zulu). The meeting will be at 21.00 CEST (19.00 UTC/GMT/zulu) for briefing and accomodating in slots in the ATC TS. Read forum for more infos.

Hope you all can attend and we all have fun!

See you in Chernarus battleground!!And be prepared to write a piece of the Chernarus War history!!