ATC #8: Battleground & Preliminary Battle Scenario

ATC#8 Campaign: the Battleground

Preliminary Battle Scenario:

BLUFOR attack REDFOR Area 4

Date: September 17th, 18.00 UTC

Good Luck!



Artwork: BDR Whiskey


Scenario: Altis

Battle area will span both the west and east part of Altis and therefore each side will have two bases one on the west part and the other on the east part of the island. Will be used only one base at a time, depending on the area chosen for the battle.


CBA; ACE3 (ATC version); @ATC8; Task Force Radio.


New mission features and rules:
  • ACE:

No ACE-specific medical system, we will use the vanilla one (we will upload our version of ACE so everybody will have the same)

-Advanced ballistics for snipers only

-New gameplay for the engineer due the ACE logistic system


-More stamina for special forces

-And more

  • Line-up time: ~20 minutes for the attackers, ~10 minutes for the defenders. So no more rush at the start. Exception: if the attackers have a bridgehead in the area, line-up time will be equal. Other exception: the special forces don’t have line-up time, so they can do recon. Details of line-up rules will be given later and tested in the preliminary battle.
  • New capture rules

Only two difficulty levels for sectors instead of 4

Vehicles count as one for the sector capture

-If you are more than 3 times the defenders of the sector, you will always conquer the sector (to avoid the case where 4 men doing extreme camping can resist 203885 attackers)

  • 2 minutes respawn time
  • You have to deploy the antenna in the first 20 minutes of the game
  • Increased repair/rearm time in base service areas: 60 sec for ground vehicles, 90 sec for air vehicles
New roles:
  • APC/IFV drivers: 3 slots. Only drivers can drive APC/IFV (not engineers anymore). Engineer slots are now 2 for side.
  • Mortar operators: 2 slots
New vehicles* in addition to Edition 7 vehicles
  • UGV
  • Redfor: Tigris (AA)*, will replace one of the Marids, it will need a driver, and an AA operator as gunner
  • Blufor: Blackfish*
  • Mortar*

* These new vehicles/weapons will be tested in the preliminary battle to evaluate their impact on gameplay and overall balancing.

  • Kajman and Slammer cargoes can now transport troops, but engineers cannot be transported as passengers.


Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC



New Server with improved performances!


Preliminary battle date: September 17, 2017
Registration opening: OPEN NOW!
Specifics for ATC#8



Core scripts: enc0ded.enable

BDR Armilio – main mission maker

ATC #8 Campaign Announced!


The ATC Staff is pleased to announce that the next ATC Campaign, Edition #8, will start in September 2017.

The date of the preliminary test mission will be announced, but it will be within September 3rd. We will allow 2  weeks for side preparation and then start the Campaign.

Registrations will be available soon as well as infos on modset and full details. The scenario will be Altis.

Looking forward to seeing you all in ATC #8 and to repeating the last years success!


Credits: BDR Armilio for mission making and BDR Whiskey for artwork.