ATC #12

What is ATC about?

ATC is a combined forces TvT campaign that simulates operations between two opposite companies consisting of infantry squads, armored, recon, special forces, logistic sections and air support.

ATC #12 campaign will consist of 4 battles.



Main features:
• Player respawns limited to 2 (3 lives)
• No vehicle respawn
• Advanced flight system
• Equipments with choice possibility (weapons, optics…)
• Attack-defense system with line-up time different for attack and defense. Two sectors per AO to hold or conquer
• The attacking side switches after each battle
• At least 5 players are needed to hold a sector. Below this number, twice as many attackers are needed to conquer it. This means you need to clear the sector as much as you can. Special Forces do not count for sector holding/conquering and vehicles count by one (not by the number of passengers)
• Benefit system: the Commander has the choice of some extra assets to be chosen in game to enhance strategical choices and variability from one mission to the other. The choice is not shown to the other side
• Blue-tracking: vehicle(s) that function as Communication Center and mark friendly troops as long as the vehicle is not destroyed.

Modset is provided with A3Sync

Battle day and time:
Sundays at 19.00 UTC
To learn more and to participate please join the ATC Discord
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