Friday, 23 October 2009 02:23

logo_ATCA tragic accident in Utes istigates the Chernarus war

This is to communicate officially that the ATC2 war will start on Tuesday October 27th at 20.30 UTC (GMT/zulu) with a tragic accident in the island of Utes involving US and Russians peacekeepers

Here the last dispatch from our war correspondant in Utes

A tragic accident on the island of Utes will determine the beginning of the war in Chernarus between the US and Russian armies

The critical situation in Chernarus in spring 2009 ended up with political elections in the autumn. The elections were won by a hairsbreadth by the moderate pro-Russian parties. The suspect of gerrymandering and reciprocal accusations led again the country into chaos and once again a large amount of weapons cropped up from the extremist militias hideouts.

Trying to regain political control over this strategical region, the USA ordered their troops displaced in the area to invade it again, but Russia, taking advantage of the election outcome and firmly determined to maintain the political and military control over the area did not repeat the mistake of just a few months before and mobilized its troops as well. As a consequence the country was divided in practice into two halves, the pro-western and the pro-russian area. The United Nation Council had to tacitally acknowledge the situation and USA and Russians peacekeepers were sent in Chernarus.

However, the skirmishes between the CDF (the Chernarus regular Army, controlling the south-west part of the country) and the Chedaki militias of the ChDKZ, backed tacitally by Russians in the North-East, continued

On October 27th a tragic accident in the island of Utes occurred. The Chedaki militias attacked the airport under the control of the CDF. The battle tragically involved the peacekeepers which were attacked and had to return fire ..

Since now the regular armies of USA and Russia never faced on field, they will after this tragic accident on the small island of Utes..

This for the story.. Read the FORUM and get prepared soldiers .. we’re at war
In practice the coin-toss map is basically an infantry skirmish with limited vehicles and no asttack helis

No support system is available for the general

The 2 factions, CDF and ChDKZ, will fight for the control of 3 sectors depicted in the map

The sectors of Kameny and Strelka are initially defended by a 5-infantry squad that will born there (after that all soldiers will respawn in base)

The central Airfield sector is formally under blue (CDF) control but unguarded so it is possible to take the sector by an initial push

A small US and Russian garrison is located in the island with peace enforcement task, they will be engaged and will participate to the battle giving rise to the Chernarus war (in practice they are embedded within the Bluefor and Redfor forces so you can use these slots at your will)

For taking a sector you will need at least 8 soldiers inside sector alive! and the enemy has to be less than 5 units

The winner is the faction that at the end of the battle (2hrs) will detain more sectors (at leat 2 over 3, namely Kameny, Strelka, airfield)

There are weapon restrictions and vehicle restrictions to prevent abuse of vehicles and weapons, all has to be tactic and real-combat-like (I know there are different opinions and it is difficult to have something simulatory, I think this is a good compromise for a mature gameplay)

The main aim is to have fun together so enjoy battles, fight as hard as you can!!! but fight fair, this is a videogame and let the war be fair for once! at least in videogames I mean

Anyway why this tragic accident on Utes? well the winner will have the privilege to start the war, to decide the faction he will join, blue or red, and to decide the next attack in Chernarus

Please download the Utes map included in the mappack and start cleaning weapons and training because on Tuesday October 27th the war will start

About the max number of players to accomodate as much as possible the several teams registered and mainly to make the fight interesting in all sectors I would fix it to 100 (please check your numbers and if something needs to be updated tell me, especially the teams that did not show up last time)

Thanks a lot for cooperation, let’s have the deserved fun after all work for making this campaign

See you in the battlefields, good luck everybody