Meeting Summary & ATC#9 Schedule

Campaign schedule

– The test on Dec. 2nd has been cancelled
– Warm-up battle on Jan. 13th on Lythium. Start of the campaign one week later (Jan. 20th). The winner of the warm up battle will be the attacker in the first battle.
– Meeting to form the two sides: Jan. 6th at 19.30 UTC. In that occasion we will make a draw to decide who is going to attack in the warm up battle.

Campaign structure

– Frequency: battles once a week
– Duration: 8 battles
– Maps: at least 4 battles on Lythium, plus other 4 battles on Rosche and Altis. After the first part on Lythium, the attacker will choose which map/area to attack.

Sign ups

– We urge all interested to sign up now!

Sign up time! ATC #9, Battle 0
Sign up time!
ATC #9, Battle 0


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