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ATC #8, Battle 1

The Battleground
BLUFOR attack REDFOR Area 5
Sunday October 1st, 18.00 UTC
TS3 no pass
From Blufor Command: Time of Battle, 05.00 AM
From our meteorologist, […]

ATC#8, Battle 0

ATC #8, Battle 0 (Warm-up Battle)
Sunday September 17th, 2017, 18.00 UTC
TS3 no pass
BLUFOR attack Redfor Area 4
In-game time 05.00 AM
Weather conditions: Clear sky, wind […]

ATC #8: Battleground & Preliminary Battle Scenario

ATC#8 Campaign: the Battleground

Preliminary Battle Scenario:
BLUFOR attack REDFOR Area 4

Date: September 17th, 18.00 UTC
Good Luck!

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