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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:25 pm 

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Hey guys, I would like to provide my feedback on the last game.

I don't know why it went so incredible wrong this time. The second last test game was awesome for me: I was playing as gunner in a tank with a clan mate as commander. Coms were OK in this match, we also could communicate with the one or two squads moving next to us in the field. It felt like really being part of something bigger and it was very entertaining and felt "real".

While I had some fun this time, and I think my clan mates (ASO Squad) as well, the whole battle was a huge mess. While we've managed to capture and hold our first objective for quiet some time, we've tried to get some orders from the higher up tiers but didn't get anything back. Actually it felt like playing against humans but not like a big battle, there was no difference to playing generic combat, the "big" feeling was not present this time.

Especially in the end phase of the battle it was very obvious that bluefor did a much better job. I've watched them moving in a coordinated rush towards the last zone. Also when they attacked the zone (the small harbour to the left, west) we've taken and then held for ~1h I've got the impression they coordinated very well. I haven't had the impression we've lost because of a lack of skill in the field but because of a complete absence of leadership and strategy.

* HQ not reachable due to short radio range - move it closer to the front!
* Complete absence of any organization, that's how it felt in the field
* We've lost far to much vehicles in the early game, especially helicopters which are crucial for quick movement of troops. Better walk 1km more than losing important logistics.

I don't know how the upper chain is (not) organized but here is what I would recommend:

Get at least one person for every 5 to 10 people in a squad that takes their requests. These people should make some fast decisions if required and pass higher tier goals up to the HQ. HQ passes their orders down the chain. This will help HQ to not getting flooded by requests from the lower end of the command chain.

Define squads, officers, HQ and most important - their radio frequencies - before the game starts. And please not just 5min before the game starts. Create a command structure diagram that includes the frequencies.

Another point from one of my team mates is that the game should start when planed and not ~1h late. He can't stay up that late because he has to wake up early for work the next day.

Also I would really love to get ACE back. :)

I hope I didn't offend any one with this critic, please take it as constructive critic to make the whole experience for everyone better! This is also my very own opinion, I'm not officially speaking for my clan as a whole.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:56 pm 
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Thanks Burzum! I personally agree with many of the things you are saying, and I will personally take care these issues will be discussed at the Company Meeting on Friday 17th at 21.00 CEST (19.00 UTC). Please do not forget to come to the meeting (briefing)! These in fact are company issues not regarding specifically the ATC organization.

Coming to the issues regarding ATC organization:

1. ACE, I'm sorry as well it could not have been implemented this time, for several reasons but the main is that the mod was just released, and so a bit risky. But it will be implemented in the next edition!

2. Time. Maybe we got confused by the UTC time, and by the summer time in several countries, but I can assure you we were something like 10-12 min late not one hour! In facts we started at 20.42-43 or something like (local time) instead of 20.30. This time we will start sharp!

Since you are German I repeat the timing of ATC battles in CEST time:

TS3 assembly starts at 19.30 CEST (17.30 UTC)
Briefing and slotting: 20.00 CEST (18.00 UTC)

Thanks indeed for your cricticism, it is well accepted and your suggestions will be taken into consideration. See you the next battle!


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Arma Tactical Combat

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