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PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:54 pm 

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Hey guys,

Last night's test was really good, all of SW enjoyed it and we hope to see that type of action agian :) . But there was one issue brought up during the test, the spawn length of vehicles. Now at the start it was all going good, until one of our guys died. He spent probably most of the match trying to get back into the battle, but most of the time no aircraft had respawned. Nemesis did mention it was a very long spawn time, but maybe it should be reduced a tiny amount to give us a decent wait time and yet allow us to get back to the battle smoothly and quickly. Like i said before i enjoyed the match a lot, but when most of the players have to wait for a helicopter to respawn, something may need to be changed. However it is up to you and if you think it is ok then it is fine by me, i'm only suggestion an improvement to the aircraft spawn time, not a major one so it spawns within a minute but a decrease so we don't have to wait an extrodinary amount of time.
Thanks for last nights test, it was a blast and i hope to see you all next time.



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PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:06 pm 

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Hi mate!

Thanks for your suggestion!

Really I dont remember how long is heli respawn, but we will check it!

Well, the aim of ATC is infantry battles, so we need to limit the use of some vehicles, as helis, if not this will be like a berzek, and we dont like to have a air battle! this is the reason of time of respawn in some vehicles! Of course transport helis must be a short time of respawn!

Remember this was only a test! For real battle, I hope the liders of different teams have a good strategic, and a good use of their own vehicles, so transport of troops will be easy, if you have in your faction, the roles of pilot of tranport!and a good comunications between squad and comander will be easy the transport of troops, and not necesary to wait for a long time!



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PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:41 pm 
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Glad you enjoyed the test, and thank you and all Silent Warriors for their committment in battle, it was a pleasure to fight with you

We thank all participants of course, and hope some techincal issues will be solved

About your question the spawn time is 15 or 20 min, do not remember exactly either

As Benamaina says, this is tactical combat, it mean the focus is on simulation, as far as possible for a videogame, of course the aim is to have fun together but the gameplay should be as mature and tactical is possible

So we would like to have a global simulation, this means involvement air and terrestrial vehicles, armored squads and of course infantry. Of course in any army the mean fighting force is infantry and we try to keep a good balance, we cannot keep the "real" proportions between infantry and other forces (armored units, air force) because of the videogame limitations of course but we try as far as we can. This means actually infantry troops are transported mainly by terrestrial means rather than air, air transport is not the average situation but air insertions are used as far as they are really needed. It should be that is the general commander that orders an air insertion when the field situatuion requires so, this would mean more tacticism applied to the battle - for that reason I think we need a long resp time, to encourage the ground transportation which is the main way of troops transport! and to give some work to the saboteur teams and to the armored squads that want some ground targets! not only helis flying over our heads

Said that it is clear we need to keep the good balance between a tactical approach and the good playability, so the tests are done to this purpose too (although our main aim was to control server settings), and if we need some adjustments we wil do it

Thanks for suggestions and participastion, see you again in Chernarus


Chief of Staff
Arma Tactical Combat

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