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 Post subject: Lag and desync issues
PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:51 pm 
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In the last game at Pushtoska there where some major lag and desync issues during the game. I think we should be lucky that the server not crashed, there where momnets i thought it would when everything stood still for several minutes. Many people got disconnected yesterday becouse of the server problems. For pilots this desync like this is really fatal and we lost several choppers due to this in yesterdays battle.

I cannot tell why the server cannot handle the game anymore. In the first games the minor lag we had was acceptable but in yesterdays game it was to much and some actsto solve this should really be considerd.

Some ideas:
- Restart the gameserver once before people start connecting, if you not already doing it
- Maybe we should consider hosting TS on a different server that the gameserver
- Maybe we should even start supervising peoples ping and desync during the game, and remove people with extreem connection problems from the game

Hopely we the problem can be found somwhere else so we dont have to go to the more extreem acts but the lag and desync issues in last game was really unexptable and somting has to be done. Maybe someone else has also some ideas?

REDFOR Field Commander Walker

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:28 pm 

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This is what we oberverved yesterday:

1. The crewman slots were, after one was disconnected, replaced by AI. Could this be a mission issue instead of server? This resulted in us sometimes not being able to get in our tanks unless I ordered those AI to get out.
So to recap, I had AI under my control in the AR1 crewmen group which is the first time i see this.

2. In Hammer1 we had another issue. The gunner position was heavily bugged, the gunner could for example not get out the tank anymore or switch to coax. When he disconnected another player entered the gunners station and had the same prob. It was like the gunner was in another dimension. Another tank had the same issue. This happended around the last 30 minutes of the battle.

3. More lag then usual, alot of people crashed during the game or got disconnected. I counted 1 red chain adn 2 yellow chians.

I agree with Walker that ATC staff needs to come up with a plan to supervise players ping and desync cause that is fatal to the rest of the players.

Hope this info helps.

Yours sincerely,

E. Dutch
Unit19 CEO

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:29 pm 
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Hi all and thx for comments

Of course we are concerned about technical probs

My observations

- the lag and desync we experienced last night was something exceptional we never had before

- about TS both TS2 and 3 are not on the server game machine (different hosting, nothing to do with gameserver)

- the server machine is freshly restarted before each ATC game

- ppl disconnecting and desync, my idea is these issues are connectivity probs rather than server probs (I noticed ppl from the same country disconnecting together), probably there was some trouble in the net (related to bad weather?)

- Probably it would be good to kick ppl crashed to prevent them sitting on server and causing troubles (this is a possibility to explain the bug encountered by Dutch), it will cause a lot of work for the admin but it could be useful

- It is imperative this time that ppl enter the server without glasses that cause the error and especially ACE glasses, please make aware your team members of this issue

- we are examining server logs trying to get useful infos

- As for information, the next battle will be on TS3, please make your TS3 settings and whisper list, if you need assistence tell us

Best regards and GG all


Chief of Staff
Arma Tactical Combat

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