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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:36 am 
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ATC rewritten with a lot of new features!

Code mostly rewritten
Multiple battle scenarios (maps)
Player respawns limited to 2 (3 lives)
As usual no vehicle respawn
Advanced flight system
New equipments with choice possibility (weapons, optics…)
More value to the first life. After respawn you lose something in your equipment
New rules in capture system. More defenders needed for holding the sector, more attackers needed to capture it
Sector defenders squads increased to 10 members
Recon Team do not count for sector capture
New: sector disputed if attackers are more than 2.5 times the defenders
Added: Antenna defenders squad
New rules for antenna destruction (only attack chopper weapons can’t destroy the antenna)
New roles added (eg. Specialist Assistants with specific benefits: more stamina, microdagr, Bergen backpack)
Delta Squad becames a Mechanized Infantry squad: Delta riflemen can man IFVs
Added a Parachuters Squad
Benefit system: the Commander has the choice of some extra vehicles to be chosen in game to enhance strategical choices and variability from one mission to the other. The choice is not shown to the other side.
Line-up will be maintained as in last version
Removed UAV/UGV, added new Tank DLC vehicles and weapons (launchers)
And more to see…


The first part of the Campaign will be played on Lythium.
Then we will move to Chernarus (Open Chernarus version) or Rosche and Altis


CBA; ACE3 (ATC9 version); @ATC9 mods; RH_acc (plus ACE RH_acc compat); Task Force Radio (Stable version to avoid possible issues), plus the specific map mods (Lythium & Jbad for the first part).

Battle day and time: Sundays at 19.00 UTC

Possible schedule:

we will play a general test mission possibly within November, then depending on the test outcome we can agree the start of the actual campaign.

More infos to come in the next few days!

Registrations are now OPEN!

Stay tuned and thanks for playing ATC!


BDR Niklox for the code rewrite
BDR Armilio for mods (Stick & Stone)
BDR Flipper for equipments/mods
Encode for core scripts


Chief of Staff
Arma Tactical Combat

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:37 pm 
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ATC #9 Campaign Schedule

General Meeting

Sun 25th 20.30 CET (19.30 UTC)

- The structure/schedule of the campaign will be agreed and discussed where/if needed. Questions welcome of course.
- Two provisional factions will be announced with the purpose to prepare the general test to be held one week later. The two sides have an entire week to prepare the battle, that because preparation is needed for a good ATC gameplay. We will make a draw to decide who is attacking for the general test.
- Factions and sides for the test battle are provisional and may change before the start. Final sides are to be announced at least one week before the start of the campaign.


- Mod collections are ready for download (see download area) (only mods needed for the first part, maps needed for the second will be added after the meeting).
- Both A3Sync and Steam collection are available.
- Updates/small additions are possible before the start of the campaign, after that mods are definitive. All mods needed, including all maps, will be available and definitive before the start.


- Will be published before the general meeting, in order to allow questions.
- Rules might be updated if needed before the start of the campaign, after start they are definitive.

General test

Dec 2nd, 20.00 CET, 19.00 UTC.

- We will decide after that if another test is needed

Actual start of the campaign

- Will be discussed/agreed in the meeting, likely mid Jan (Sunday 13th)


- If possible within Nov. 25th (before the meeting) to allow the general test to be performed with the intended player count for the campaign.
- After that date registrations are still possible for reimplacements.

Thanks to the groups/individuals who registered so far! Hope to meet you all soon and I wish all good luck and to have fun!


Chief of Staff
Arma Tactical Combat

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