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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:29 pm 
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Artwork: BDR Whiskey

Scenario: Altis
Battle area will span both the west and east part of Altis and therefore each side will have two bases one on the west part and the other on the east part of the island. Will be used only one base at a time, depending on the area chosen for the battle.

The Battleground:


CBA; ACE3 (ATC version); @ATC8; Task Force Radio.

New mission features and rules:

-No ACE-specific medical system, we will use the vanilla one (we will upload our version of ACE so everybody will have the same)
-Advanced ballistics for snipers only
-New gameplay for the engineer due the ACE logistic system
-More stamina for special forces
-And more

Line-up time: 12 minutes for the attackers, 6 minutes for the defenders. So no more rush at the start. Exception: if the attackers have a bridgehead in the area, line-up time will be equal. Other exception: the special forces don't have line-up time, so they can do recon.

New capture rules
-Only two difficulty levels for sectors instead of 4. Specifically:

Level 0 : defenders at least 4 (to hold the sector) ; attackers 6 or more
Level 1. defenders at least 4 ; attackers 8 or more

-Vehicles count as one for the sector capture

2 minutes respawn time

You have to deploy the antenna in the first 15 minutes of the game. If you don't deploy the antenna or if it is destroyed you can't use UAV/UGV anymore (new).

Increased repair/rearm time in base service areas: 60 sec for ground vehicles, 90 sec for air vehicles

New roles:

-APC/IFV drivers: 2 slots. Only drivers can drive APC/IFV (not engineers anymore). Engineer slots are now 2 for side.
-Mortar operators: 2 slots

New vehicles* in addition to Edition 7 vehicles

- Tigris (AA) and Bardelas (AA), need a driver and an AA operator as gunner
-Mortar - Mortar will not be anymore operative the last 20 mins of game.
-UGV - UGV and UAV will not anymore operative if the antenna is lost (new)

-Kajman and Slammer cargoes can now transport troops, but engineers cannot be transported as passengers.

Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC
Frequency: weekly during the Campaign
Lenght: at best of 9 battles* + one extra battle

*This means that if anytime in the campaign it's impossible for a faction to overturn the result and win the campaign (example: 3 areas of disadvantage at the 8th battle) the campaign will end.


New Server with improved performances!

Preliminary battle date:
September 17, 2017
Registration opening: OPEN NOW!


Core scripts: enc0ded.enable
BDR Armilio - main mission maker & ATC addon maker


ATC8/Stick&Stone.pbo changelog:

ATC8/Stick&Stone.pbo final release changelog:

-Given a second hellfire to attack chopper.
-Added again the radar to Tigris/bardelas
-removed autolock to titan AA and AT. Autolock, not the lock itself.
-Copilot capability to kayman

Additional Note after release:

-Rockets in attack helis are given back to gunner because otherwise it can cause crash.
-The Titan AT lock is vanilla-like, not the ACE one.
-remember that we removed a lot of lock-type visual markers last year.

ATC8/Stick&Stone.pbo beta changelog:

-Kayman from 30mm to 20mm gun.
-No laser designator on UAV
-Added 105mm HE rounds to slammer UP
-No grenade-launcher on UGVs
-No radar, everywhere
-blackfish: less "HP points", no radar.
-Modified the damage simulation of AT missiles and rockets to be more RHS-like.
-Basically, i used RAM to add penetrators.
-ACE Hellfire to attack choppers. But only one missile instead of 2.
-Heli rockets are way less effective against armored vehicles. And now they can be used by pilots.
-Titan have again a laser guide. But it's the new one, less efficent.
-AA vehicles nerfed, especially for damage against infantry.
-Namer, no grenade launcher
-Replaced the PCML (ATC) with the Carl Gustav from tf47 mod.

ATC7/Stick&Stone.pbo changelog:

-Titan AT
NV instead of TI
No Lock, wire-guided
Increased damage
-Titan AA
NV istead of TI

Increased damage

Renamed LAW
No Lock
Same optic and ammo of rpg42

-Attack choppers:
No radar
Missiles: 2, wire-guided, lock only with the help of a laser-designator
Less damage for rockets
NV instead of TI

-IFVs (BMP, Gorgon)
Wire-guided missiles
Increased missiles reload time
NV instead of TI

-APCs (Marid, Panther)
NV instead of TI


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:29 pm 
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For a general overview of the mod recommended. Here we will put down few tips and insights for player that are new to ACE, how ACE will affect the ATC gameplay, and our module settings.


Advanced ballistics: Even without the AB activated, the gameplay of the marksman&sniper change with ACE, because change the way of zeroing with high magnitude optics. With AB activated, a sniper/marksman needs to take into account also the wind and the temperature (mainly).

Advanced Fatigue: it's a really different gameplay than the vanilla. Basically is way more stamina draining running around with the rifle ready, high or low. So you need to lower the weapon at rest during long march and manage carefully the pace when you need to advance with the weapon high ready. In any case you will spend less staming during the march but more stamina during the combat. Get use to change the stance of the weapon often, especially with a heavy weapon: it matters. You can feel the difference between a submachinegun with light magazines vs a machinegun with heavy magazines.

-You can change damaged wheels and tracks. Wheels everybody, tracks only engineer.
-The engineer needs to repair every part of a vehicle singly. You can repair everything with one click only with a repair truck or near a repair facility.
-More details for the ATC mission below under module settings.

Explosives: place explosives and mines takes more time. You need to place the exp/mine and choose the trigger or the detonator or the timer. Also they will be visible on the ground.

Move objects: you can easily move objects (placed in the editor, not houses ofc!) with the ACE interaction menĂ¹. Is useful to move boxes, or to place a static MG exactly where do you want, instead of disassemble/assemble and cross the fingers. You can also load things like boxes inside vehicle cargo to transport them around the map.

Nametags: To easily understand who are the players around you.

Markers: You can choose the direction of the marker that you want to place on the map. That's make a lot of sense for markers like "ambush" or "arrow".


Advanced Ballistics:
Enabled for snipers: enabled
ammo temperature simulation: enabled
barrel lenght simulation: enabled
Bullet trace effect: enabled
Everything else disabled

Wind deflection:
All enabled

Mk6 mortar module:
Air resistance: enabled
Artillery computer: disabled
mk6 compass: enabled
Manual ammo recharge: enabled

Request specialist; penalty for not-specialist; explosion while defusing: enabled

distance: 3 meters

Pointing on map:
distance: 5 meters


Repair allowed to: engineer only
Change wheels: everyone
Max repair with toolkit: 0.4
Max repair by engineer (without toolkit): 0.1
Remove toolkit after use: yes
Complete repair locations: repair vehicles and facilities
Complete repair allowed to: Engineer only

N.B: 30 toolkits in limited weapon crate. With these settings you need to spend toolkit to partially repair vehicles and you need repair vehicles/facilities/cargos for a complete repair.

Rearm amount: all magazine
Ammo supply: specific magazines

Cargo, trucks and ground vehicle service area box: one full rearm for every type of ground vehicle.
4 helicopter service area boxes: one full rearm for attack chopper per box (1 missile, 38 rockets, 1 gun magazine).

Advanced fatigue:
Overall performance: 1*
Recovery factor: 1.1
Gear factor: 0.75
Terrain factor: 1

*: SF 1.3; Snipers no SF 1.1; Engineer/pilot/UAV operator 0.9; normal infantry 1.


Advanced throwing:
Fly arc disabled;
Everything else enabled


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:59 pm 
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4 M2A1 SLAMMER (Merkava)

1 IFV Panther (Namer)
3 AFV Gorgon (Pandur II)

1 APC AA Bardelas

12 Hunter (M-ATV)
5 Prowler (armed)

2 Transport HEMTT (with respawn!)

9 Quads

Logistic trucks

1 Chinook
3 UH-80 Ghost Hawk
2 AH-99 Blackfoot (Comanche)

1 UAV (with 1 respawn)
1 UGV (with 1 respawn)

Static weapons:
4 Mk30 HMG


2 Armed boats (minigun)
4 Lifeboats



4 T-100 Varsuk

3 BTR Kamysh (Stalker)
1 MSE Marid (Otakor Arma)
1 ZSU-35 Tigris

12 Ifrit (Punisher)
4 Qilin (armed)

2 Transport Tempest (with respawn!)

9 Quads

Logistic trucks

2 Mi-48 Kajman
2 PO-30 Orca (Ka-60 Kasatka)
3 Mi 290 Taru (2 transport, one without passenger cargo, for lifting)

1 UAV (with 1 respawn)
1 UGV (with 1 respawn)

Static weapons:
4 Mk30 HMG


2 Armed boats (minigun)
4 Lifeboats

Allowed vehicles / static weapons slots by classes:

Normal infantry (infantry squad classes and any other unspecified classes):

-Every MGs
-Every Boat slots
-Every truck slots (except repair trucks)
-Every slots of jeeps
-passenger slots of Quad and APC/IFV
-Cargo and MG slots of Helicopters (or VTOL)
-Cargo of Slammer and Kayman
-Cargo of UGV
-Gunner and commanders of IFV/APC
-Commanders of zsu-35 Tigris

(from now on, only difference with normal infantry will be written)

Tank crew driver:

-Every slot APC/IFV
-Driver slot of tanks

Tank crew gunner:

-Every slot APC/IFV
-Driver and gunner slot of tanks

Tank crew commander:

-Every slot APC/IFV
-every slot of tanks


-Every truck slots (included repair trucks)

Driver IFV/APC

-Driver and cargo slots of APC/IFV

Helicopter pilot:

-every slots of Helicopters

Special forces (SF):

-Parachutes! (for the engine, open parachute are vehicles)

AT specialist:

-Cargo and driver slot of Quads

AA specialist

-Cargo and driver slot of Quads
-Gunner slot of zsu-35 Tigris

A 4 infantry squad, Delta 2, can parachute in addition of special forces.

Commander and XO can take the UAV/UGV and the tank commander's seat.


Has to be placed by Commander within 15 mins from start.

Now it is vulnerable only to explosives.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:13 pm 
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The "Line-up time" is a feature that discourages rushing and allow the defending faction to setup defenses. During the line-up time, leaving the main base is not permitted for both sides. The main base is defined by the red/blue striped area on the map. Failure to comply will result in an instant death and loss of one respawn ticket!

The following slots are exempt from line-up time:

- All SF operators
- GOLF ONE and TWO Sniper/Spotter
- One SF pilot (labelled as "recon")
- UAV/UGVs (they are not human)

The line-up time is set to 6 minutes for defenders and 12 minutes for the attacking side. Transport helicopters and CAS helicopters will be locked for the entire duration of the line-up time (12 minutes) to avoid an early advantage for the defenders air-support.

In case of areas with mixed sectors (red and blue) the line-up time is the same for attackers and defenders.


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:13 pm 
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At the end of each battle the victorious Commander has to communicate to the ATC staff

- the next area to attack (mandatory)

- the position of the antenna square marker (allowed antenna positions)

- the time of day/night has to be communicated within friday (semi-surprise attack)

- the weather conditions are those real in Lemnos as for friday weather forecast.


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