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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:38 pm 

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Hi Nemesi,

We have a number of questions and comments for the next Sunday and thought it would be better to let you know in advance;

Vehicles: there is a huge difference between the Humvees and Tigr-M, from last you have 360 degr shooting range which is not possible on the Humvees.
Mods: Will we always use the latest version of the mods in the list? What will we do when the mods get updated during the campaign?
Supplylines: see my PM to Nemesi.
Will it be possible to have at least 1 armed Humvee/Tigt-M?
Will boats be included in the game?
Will quadbikes be included in the game?
Will it be possible to load ammo/material etc from a crate and store same in a vehicle?
Revive: can solders in the field treat themself (100%) or is that to be done by a medic?
Time of the day: there is a big difference in night times, this dependents, among other things on the date for example, no moon of full moon. Can the Commander also choice a date?
Will the commander also have the possibility to choice the weather condition?

Thanks and see you on Sunday
Best Spoor

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:28 pm 
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Hello Spoor,

I start answering here and we will discuss further at the meeting.

About armed jeeps which is the main concern: the reason not to have armed jeeps is that the rhs russian ones have a grenade launcher that we do not want in the game (in addition american ones do not have it and this would unbalance even more). American HUMVEEs are faster and you can shoot from windows. (As a note I add that you cannot have a photocopy equipment so we need to take into account strenght and weakness of the respective sides).

Mods: I feel that we should update the mods because of those who automatically update with Steam Workshop, but of course this may cause issues that we have to fix so there will be some work for mission maker (if this can be avoided is better!) - but, in addition, we cannot avoid BI main branch updates, and this also force the mod makers to update their mods to fix possible issues as we have seen in the past. It is a complex matter that we should discuss thoroughly and listen to technically competent opinions.

Supply lines: we will discuss that at the meeting.

Boats & quadbikes will be included and yes it should be possible to store things in cargo.

There's no revive and each soldier has firstaids kit, so they can heal themselves, there are also a few medics for wounds that cannot be healed 100% with first aid.

Time of the day: the commander can choose the time of the day (we will discuss if he has to communicate the time chosen). Date and weather: this is a possibility but it cannot be done directly, in this case the commander has to tell the mission maker to change date and weather in the editor. We will discuss this option.

See you on Sunday!

All best,


Chief of Staff
Arma Tactical Combat

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