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Participation in the ATC Campaigns and events implies you have read and understood the following rules and agree to abide by them.


1. Language and Forum rules

- For practical purposes, English is the official language of ATC.

2. Communications

- Communications will occur via forum, so team leaders and representatives must follow the forum to keep informed and inform their teams. Team Leaders and Representatives are responsible for communications to their teams.

3. Applications

Teams must register in the site of ArmA Tactical Combat and apply for participation following the directives explained in the forum. To ensure correctness and transparency each team should have a valid squad .xml; in addition the server log at the end of match is available for checking if required by team representatives. Joining game with other identities and nicknames other than the one declared is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate permanent ban.

Team Leaders are responsible that everyone in their teams has understood the rules and must take care the rules are followed.

Offenders are punished with an official warning and in case temporary or permanent ban from ATC competitions.

4. ArmA III version

Players must have a legal ArmA III copy.

The campaign will be played with the last ArmA III version available.

5. Server settings

Server settings will be on expert, no crosshair, no tracers, no 3rd view, no death messages and netstats.
Signature verification will be on.

Here below the server settings details


6. Addons

See here

7. General conduct rules

- No cheat: attempting to cheat and/or hack will result in immediate ban.

- All behaviours that are intended to take an unfair advantage from a bug or a leak in the game are not allowed, if such a bug or leak is discovered must be reported to the staff. In general all behaviours aimed to deliberately alter the gameplay are sanctioned.

- No offenses of any kind in game and in forums: players and Teams have to be respectful of staff and other players. In the case of breaking rules the staff will take adequate measures ranging from warning to permanent ban.

8. Campaigns Rules

The campaign is a simulation of a war between two armies, the Bluefor and Redfor. For technical purposes the simulation will be done at a Company level. Therefore referring to armies or "factions" will mean in facts a Company supported by a tank platoon and some air support.

As the campaign is a simulation of a war the order of the battles is not pre-arranged, The Faction retaining the strategic initiative will decide which sector to attack in the next battle and the Faction Commander has to communicate the choice in the forum .

9. Sides formation and Alliances

The teams may express a preference for a side. Whenewer possible, sides will be decided by general agreement, if not possible, staff will decide.

Once formed, the sides cannot be changed for all the duration of the campaign.
Sides are initially balanced and a maximum number of players (55 for this season) will be assigned for side.

If during the campaign a side cannot meet the initial numbers of players because of withdraw or not show up of some members and cannot find substitutions the battles are played with the current numbers and the result must be accepted. The only requirement is that a side must not exceed the maximum number assigned.

Substitutions of players/teams and balancing between teams belonging to the same faction are allowed during the campaign. Switching of teams/individuals from one side to the other is not allowed.

10. Pre-battle rules

Both Sides will nominate a Side Commander. As explained above the Side Commander will have the role and rank of a Company Commander, while the Team Leaders will have the role and rank of Platoon/Squad Leaders. (It is up to the Side to maintain the same Commander for all the Campaign). The Side/Company Commander will coordinate with his platoon/squad leaders.

The Company Commander:
Must be willing and able to lead the 50 man force on and off the battlefield. He is a reliable person who knows how to organize and knows how to apply military tactics with a combined arms force.
The Company Commander is:

* Responsible for maintaining contact between his company and the ATC staff
* Responsible for preparing plans and rosters for each battle
* Responsible for organizing rehearsal for his company before each battle
* Responsible for briefing his sub-commanders (lieutenants) before each battle
* Responsible for leading his company during each battle
* Responsible for debriefing his sub-commanders (lieutenants) after each battle
* Must be able to communicate clear and short (English) on TS during battles
* Has final decision how to deploy his company (within ATC rules and guidelines)

The platoon leader / squad leader:
Must be willing and able to lead a small force up to 8 people. He is a reliable person who knows how to lead a unit in the field and who is able to work together with other units under the command of the Company Commander.
The platoon / squad leader is:

* Responsible for maintaining good correspondence / contact between his unit and the Company Commander
* Responsible for reformulating the Company Commanders briefing to his own unit before each battle
* Responsible for leading his platoon/squad during each battles
* Responsible for debriefing his men after each battle
* Must be willing to assist the Company Commander in making plans and performing reconnaissance before battles.
* Must be willing to attend Company command staff debriefings
* Must be able to communicate clear and short (English) on TS during battle

11. In game and pre-game conduct rules

- ATC is oriented towards a mature and responsible gameplay. All efforts will be taken to enforce this behaviour, even in pre-game phases.

- When an ATC player joins the server, even if the battle has not started, he must follow the rules and be respectful of the other players. In particular, all childish and annoying behaviour like base teamkill, destroying vehicles and so on should be reported to the Staff and are punished even if they occur in the pre-game phases.

- The server log is at disposition to identify the offenders.

- The two Company Commanders are responsible for in game conduct and will supervise the game: they only will use global chat in game.

- Company Commanders and Platoon Leaders are responsible that everyone in the teams understood the in game rules and must take care the rules are followed.

- As our game style is oriented toward simulation and realism, we try to keep this philosophy as much as possible in the in-game rules (in broad sense all what is possible/reasonable in real life is allowed), we discourage and punish as far as possible the "arcadish" behaviours as we aim to a mature and respectful gameplay. Specifically here below is a list of in-game behaviours that are not allowed by ATC rules:

- No deliberate teamkill
- No enemy base bombing from outside
- Kamikaze actions and suicides are discouraged
- Respawning and abusive respawn - the respawn simulates the arrival of reinforcements from the back lines, it is of course not very "realistic" but it is the best simulation we have at the moment for the continuous supply of troops to the frontline, for this reason and for the characteristic of this campaign the respawn is not limited. However, this not mean we should not take care of life. Suicide and kamikaze actions are discouraged and sanctioned when proven the intention of having unfair advantages from the action, as well as repetitious and suspect suiciders. Suicide is allowed in the case of bugs.

- As stated above, in general are not allowed and punished all behaviours that are intended to take an unfair advantage from a bug or a leak in the game, and all behaviours aimed to deliberately alter the gameplay.

- Changing slot during the game is not allowed. All players must follow the Company Commanders instructions with regard to slot assignment and equipment they can use.

- If a player is found not respecting the rules he is kicked from the game and/or banned permanently depending on the kind of violation.

- Joining server rules:
- The server will be password protected to ensure only ATC players belonging to one of the two sides roster and identified from their participation form can join. The password will change every battle and will be communicated by PM or TS. Only players authorised by the Company Commander may join the server, not authorised players will be invited to leave the server. Substitutions are allowed during the game to replace players that had to abandon the game because of crashes, disconnections or other causes. Of course substitutions must not exceed in any case the max number of players for side and have to be authorised by the Company Commander. Deceitful intrusions of players with false/different nicknames in the game server during a match will be punished by immediate and permanent ban of the intruder.

- Players must join TS and server ordinately at least 30 min before battle time and take the assigned slots, so the battle can start at the agreed time. The battle will start at the agreed time regardless the number of players present for side. Latecomers can however join later the gameserver if their Company Commander authorizes them and if their number does not exceed the maximum allowed for side.

- Leaving server before the end of game is not allowed. If a team leaves the server, the remaining teams in the side have to continue the battle and accept the final result (or either declare in global chat the other faction is winner). In the case all a side abandons the game the battle is lost. Forfait of a faction will result in automatic end of the war and victory assigned to the enemy side. The same is true if a side or a single team does not show up in the battle day, the battle is played with the number of players present at the start time. Latecomers may join the battle if the Company Commander allow them, but in any case the battle result is valid.

- In case of in game complaints the team representatives will report to their Company Commanders the reasons of complaining using the faction chat or TS. The Commander will communicate the problem to the other Commander using global chat. If the two Commanders can't reach an agreement they will report to Staff. The Staff will decide if or not repeat the battle.

- In case of server crash during game the game will be restarted if the crash happens within the first 30 min. If the battle cannot be terminated because of server failure (crash or freeze), the results at the moment of the problem will be taken as valid if the problem occurred after 1.30 of game. In all other cases the battle must be repeated.

- The ATC organization is not responsible for players connections and for players failure to connect with server.


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Arma Tactical Combat

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