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ATC #8: Battleground & Preliminary Battle Scenario

ATC#8 Campaign: the Battleground

Preliminary Battle Scenario:
BLUFOR attack REDFOR Area 4

Date: September 17th, 18.00 UTC
Good Luck!



Artwork: BDR Whiskey
Scenario: Altis
Battle area will span both the west and east part of Altis and therefore each side will have two bases one on the west part and the other on the east part of the island. Will be used only one base at a time, depending […]

ATC #8 Campaign Announced!

The ATC Staff is pleased to announce that the next ATC Campaign, Edition #8, will start in September 2017.
The date of the preliminary test mission will be announced, but it will be within September 3rd. We will allow 2  weeks for side preparation and then start the Campaign.
Registrations will be available soon […]