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ATC#7 Campaign, Sneak Preview & Roadmap

ATC7 Campaign

equipments and units:
# new factions (USA, Russia)
# new vehicles & equipments (RHS Mod)
# Personal respawn life tickets!
# No side chat! […]

ATC #6, 3rd Battle

ATC #6, 3rd Battle
July 26th, 2015
BLUFOR: 27th Specialists Marines, ATM, Elite Corps, Polish Arma Community, TIERS, ZuluAlpha
REDFOR: ASO Squad, Brigata Dispiegamento Rapido, SHAPE,¬† Special Assault Squad,¬†United […]

ATC6 Test Battle Outcome

I would like to tank all 112 player connected with our TS3 to participate for the test battle on Sunday 12th of April, it was AWESOME!

The success of the […]

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