Features / Rules



-No cheat
-No try to exploit possible bug and glitch — of ATC mission or ArmA3 game engine — for personal benefit
-No friendly kills on purpose
-No kamikazing
-No fighting or even travelling in the enemy base area
-Serious gaming, no messing around at the base and in the radio channels

-Be respectful of other players and ATC Staff both IN GAME and OFF GAME in all social media related to ATC (Website forum, Discord, youtube channel). Offenders are warned and kicked from the campaign and subsequent ATC games if they persist.

In any cases transgression will be punished by kicking out from THE CAMPAIGN the entire clan in which the transgressor is ranked if this involves in game bad behaviour, only the trasgressor for off-game bad behaviour.

Strategic rules & goals

At the start of the campaign there are several areas for side (number varies between specific ATC editions), each one comprises 3 sectors. The goal of each side/faction is to control the majority of the areas at the end of the campaign. Campaign lenght may vary season after season. Of course if one side conquers all the areas it will win the campaign. If anytime in the campaign it’s impossible for a faction to overturn the result and win the campaign (example: 3 areas of disadvantage at the 8th battle) the campaign will end.

Each battle consists in a side trying to conquer an area and the other side trying to defend it. To conquer an area you need to control at least 2 of the 3 sectors at the end of the battle.
The battle area is chosen by the attacking side commander (in agreement with his faction) and has to be communicated to the ATC staff at the end of each battle. The Commander can also chose the time of the battle, to be communicated as before. Wheater condition can either be chosen by commander or they will be the real one in the area, depending on specific ATC seasons.

For the first battle there will be a draw to decide the faction that will be the attacking side, then the attacking side can attack again if they win the battle, and then attack a third time if they win the second battle by conquering all the 3 sectors of the area, if not (if they lose the battle or capture only 2 sectors) the initiative passes to the other (defending) side, with the same rule. In brief if a side wins twice 2:1 this side will lose the strategical initiative and lose the right to attack. If at the end of a battle the attacking side has conquered only one sector, this sector will remain in their control for the next battles, but of course the area will remain under control of the defending side, that will be the attacking side in the next battle. This implies that if the battleground is a region not completely owned by one of the two sides, both sides will start with a sector defenders squad in each sector owned.

Depending on ATC specific seasons there could be specific rules to be communicated.

Tactical rules & goals

Teams A (Alpha), B (Bravo) and C (Charlie) of the defending faction will be deployed at sectors A,B, and C. After deployment time, JIP players start at the main base whatever team they are in.

To win a battle and to conquer an area, you need — as we said — to conquer at least 2 of 3 sectors. But how can you conquer them? Simple: taking people inside the sectors and killing the defenders. There is a minimum number of defenders that block any number of attackers to conquer the sector, and this number depends on the level of the sector, which in turn depends on the time that the sector is in the hands of the defenders, making the sector more difficult to conquer, but if you are more than 3 times the defenders of the sector, you will always conquer the sector. The number of levels will depend on specific ATC seasons. They will be two in ATC #8 and #9 as well. The vehicles count as 1.

The battles last around 2 hours (may vary slightly between different ATC editions).

For the first time in ATC #8 (and also #9)  there will be a line up time different from attackers and defenders, so no more rush at the start. Exception: if the attackers have a bridgehead in the area, line-up time will be equal. Other exception: the Recon Team and Sniper Team don’t have line-up time, so they can do recon. Details of line-up rules will be given later and tested in the preliminary battle.

Every class (e.g. Machinegunner, pilot, ecc) has its specific equipment and vehicles allowed. For example, only the pilot can sit in a helicopter driver slot; a Grenadier can’t use a M240G machinegun, that are reserved to machinegunners and special forces. If you take a weapon not allowed your inventory will not close unless you put down the weapon.

Since ATC #7 we removed the side chat, forcing to use the radio and so forcing the sides to organize well-done long range radio communications, maybe even some good radio protocols.

A Communication Center (Antenna) can help the Commanders in taking the strategical decisions on the field. The antenna marks friendly troops every 30 seconds. It can be placed within an area shown in the map by the commander of each faction within the first 15 mins of game, and is available as long as it is not destroyed (it can’t be destroyed by attack choppers though). If it is destroyed is lost for the current battle and will be available again only in the next one.

Player respawn:

From ATC #9 only 2 tickets (3 lives) for everyone. As in the previous editions, dead players will respawn in the respective bases. Moreover, sarting from ATC #9 there will be penalties for each respawn. This means respawned players will lose something from their equipment, to value the first live and force not to waste it.

Novelties in ATC #9

For all main novelties please see here!

Tips and code of conduct for Company Commander:

The Company Commander is nominated by each side among those willing and capable to fulfill the role. They can rotate if needed and if the faction agrees on that. The Company Commander has to follow the Code of Conduct. Any issue that might arise has to be reported to the ATC Staff.

Company Commanders are volunteers that spend time and efforts in game and off – game to make plans and brief their side members. The Company Commander is therefore a person willing and able to prepare a plan/strategy, communicate it to his company and lead his company during the battle. It is a good code of conduct and a requirement for sides commanders to make timely the briefing with the team leaders belonging to their faction, take into account the specialties and preferences of the different groups/units within the faction as far it is possible, maybe rotate some special roles if there are more specialists than the slots available. Of course side commanders never can take advantage of their role by privileging the teams they belong to! It is required that this person has good communication skills, experience with managing multiple units ingame. Previous experience in organizing/managing groups in previous PvP events is welcome. Being able to understand and speak English well is a requirement to be able to play in this role.

Tips for ATC players:

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